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C++ is Making a Comeback


C++ is Making a Comeback   C++ is one of the most used computer programming languages today. According to the TIOBE Index of September 2019, C++ maintains a ranking of the fourth most utilized computer language. Computer Science students must learn it as a part of their degree program, game developers use it to create [...]

C++ is Making a Comeback2019-11-25T15:50:38-05:00

Why Go? 5 Reasons for Programmers to Consider Go/Golang


While originally developed as a programming language for Google's internal use, Golang has surged in popularity on the outside. From improved developer productivity to rational concurrency, learn why Go is a skill you should consider adding to your repertoire.

Why Go? 5 Reasons for Programmers to Consider Go/Golang2018-10-09T07:56:53-04:00