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At Nyla we value you and truly want to support your professional growth throughout your career with us. One way we do this is by having interesting, challenging, and forward leaning technical positions on contract. Another key focus is through team mentorship – feeling like you are a part of a thoughtful, thinking community – where you can discuss ideas, approaches, and potential solutions to problems. The final pillar in supporting your professional growth and success is our emphasis on continuing education via our training policy.

Our training policy, in short, is $5,000 per year per employee to be spent on professional development in the form of formal degree programs, certifications, conferences, and more!

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Winter 2020

Tony Hsieh was a visionary. From his first attempt at business–a worm farm at age 9–to Harvard to an online shoe empire worth over $1 billion, Hsieh was the embodiment of the American Dream. But, what Hsieh is best known for is his unique take on corporate culture and his business philosophy centering on the belief that by focusing on the happiness of those around you, you increase your own happiness as well. Unlike his more profit-minded competitors, Hsieh’s philosophy for his company Zappos extended to both his customers and staff. This focus on happiness and corporate culture as well as his sometimes unorthodox company policies landed Zappos on Fortune magazine’s annual “Best Companies to Work For” list in their first year making them the highest-ranking newcomer in the magazine’s history. It also set Zappos apart as a business pioneer and made Tony Hsieh one of the most inspirational and innovative CEOs and entrepreneurs in the world. Click here to read more.

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