Our Capabilities

Services Overview

At Nyla Technology Solutions, our core competencies cover a wide array of disciplines including software engineering, electrical engineering, cyber defense, systems engineering, optical and computer network protocols and architecture, and technology leadership. With over 20 years of combined experience completing missions for the US Government, we embrace innovation and challenges, taking bold steps and employing a unique skill-set to deliver exceptional results.

Software Engineering

Software development, design and architecture, integration, support, cloud computing, big data

Systems Engineering

Systems Architecture and Design, product strategy, operations research, systems analysis, requirements, testing, integration, management, systems of systems, process improvement

Real World Analytics

Real time, relevant analysis of new and continuing threats, available resources, potential for new innovations and practices

Communications & Networks

Electrical engineering, networking, network analysis, signals analysis, sensor systems, and wireless communication

Technical Leadership

Team and project leadership, conceptual systems architecture and design

Cyberspace Security

Defense, post-attack analysis, policy, procedures, and best-practices