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At Nyla, our most valuable resources are our employees. We believe every individual truly enriches the team with their knowledge and experience. Nyla team members are ever-curious, life-long learners. We are creative, inventive, and adaptable; quick to address changing times, needs, and technologies.

Further, Team Nyla has a passion to always provide our very best. We set the standard through our professionalism and commitment to excellence. We never lose sight of the end goal – helping our customer realize their mission.

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Nyla strongly supports achieving personal career goals and a healthy work-life balance for employees. We have core focus on continuous learning through attending conferences, self-study, and/or developing prototypes. We also understand that rest and relaxation, time with family and friends, and the pursuit of personal hobbies and endeavors are critical parts of every person’s life. Time away from work allows for personal enrichment and renewal. We also encourage wellness activities, knowing the mind works best in a healthy body. Giving back to our communities is a core part of the Nyla ethos. Year-round, we volunteer both our time and funds to local charities.

At Nyla, we know that each person can truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Our Benefits


Nyla pays 100% of the employee premium for medical and dental insurance.


Nyla matches up to 10% for all full-time employees. Every employee receives 3% safe harbor regardless of employee contribution.


4 weeks of annual leave and 11 paid federal holidays. Employees earn an additional day off per year of employment.

Family leave

Nyla pays 100% maternity leave and 2 weeks paid parental leave.


Nyla provides up to $5250 per year tax free in tuition reimbursement for college courses and a budget of $5000 per year to use for conferences, classes, or time off for self study


Nyla gives employees 8 hours per year to use for volunteering activities.


Nyla has Work From Home (WFH) positions and also provides flexible work schedules.


Nyla provides $500 per year to be used toward gym membership fees and/or exercise equipment or gear.


Nyla’s Culture is what separates us from the pack. It is in everything we say and do. Nyla is made up of high-energy, creative, thoughtful, do-ers who are comfortable with change.  It all starts with a high degree of respect for all human beings and a belief that we are better together.

Nyla is the best company I have ever worked for. They truly help me thrive professionally and personally.


Employee engagement and satisfaction

Nyla team

The values Nyla Technology Solutions are the reason I chose to work here. As a company, they prioritize the wellness of their employees, quality above quantity, and achieving success for the customer and their mission. They have always been transparent, and all employees are encouraged to reach out to the CEO and all other levels of management with any concerns and questions. At Nyla, my voice isn’t just heard, it’s requested and valued.

Nyla is a great organization, they make their employees feel welcomed and they are always sending positive feedback. Nyla has events that cater to the community and they include employees and their families. Nyla goes above and beyond with setting goals for the company. Nyla offers good benefits and offers reimbursement towards training and certs to enhance employees career goals

Nyla is a great company to work for. They will invest in their employees and also encourage you to pursue your full potential and will assist with that success, as it will be a . I feel that I can really grow with this company and I’m happy to have found an organization that values me, and will not allow me to settle for anything less than my greatest potential. I’m completely grateful to be part of this great company.

Nyla is the best company I’ve ever worked for. They not only have outstanding benefits but they always welcome feedback on ways they can continue to improve those benefits to meet the needs of their employees. Whether it be birthday cards, surprise housewarming gifts, an email to check in or an on­ the­ spot award for a job well done, the leadership truly cares for the employees. Nyla has interesting technical work and offers great pay.

Nyla presents such a great culture. I haven’t been with the company long, but long enough to feel the warmth and family friendly atmosphere. Nyla offers great opportunities and most of all, I love the importance placed on giving back to the community. There appear to be many opportunities for advancement, a phenomenal benefits package, and incentives given to those who perform well. I love how hands on the CEO is, she is apart of every single process in the company. My only wish is that, I was able to work with Nyla on a full time basis, so my full potential could be used. I have referred friends and family to keep their eye on this company and to apply to any opportunities open to them.

Curious about Nyla?

Give us a try! Join us at one of our Secret Squirrel events, where you can explore new opportunities and get a real feel for our company vibe in complete privacy. These gatherings are your chance to connect with us directly, from casual breakfasts to lively happy hours, all without the world knowing your business.

Immerse yourself in what makes Nyla special, satisfy your curiosity, and discover potential paths in a confidential setting.

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Listen to an audio clip of Software Engineer, Gerard Spivey, speaking about his time at Nyla.

Gerard worked at Nyla for four years and felt that Nyla embraces those in the community who are true thought leaders and really partnerswith the government.


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