How to Measure ANYTHING

"How to Measure ANYTHING" Book Review   We all make decisions every day, yet seldom do we think about how we make decisions. Doug Hubbard in How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business outlines common misconceptions pertaining to gathering information for quantitative decision making. Hubbard provides guidance on how to prioritize [...]

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C++ is Making a Comeback

C++ is Making a Comeback   C++ is one of the most used computer programming languages today. According to the TIOBE Index of September 2019, C++ maintains a ranking of the fourth most utilized computer language. Computer Science students must learn it as a part of their degree program, game developers use it to create [...]

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Why Go? 5 Reasons for Programmers to Consider Go/Golang

While originally developed as a programming language for Google's internal use, Golang has surged in popularity on the outside. From improved developer productivity to rational concurrency, learn why Go is a skill you should consider adding to your repertoire.

Why Go? 5 Reasons for Programmers to Consider Go/Golang2018-10-09T07:56:53-04:00