Nyla Services

Our core competencies are full-stack software engineering in a big data, cloud-based architecture, data science, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), and cybersecurity analytic and tool development.

SOFTWARE Engineering

Our software engineer practice focuses on big-data, cloud based architectures. We are experts in DevSecOps too.


Our data science team is experienced in a variety of AI architectures and data sets. We are obsessed with mission outcomes.


To be effective in cybersecurity, tools must be developed fast and integrated into the larger architecture. It all has to work, together.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering in today’s complex digital world involves understanding not only how to develop code that satisfies the requirements, but also implementing a completely automated development lifecycle (CI/CD pipeline) to include automated provisioning in a hybrid cloud-native architecture and to then using modern operational monitoring practices to optimize the performance of the integrated , enterprise-wide (and often distributed) system. It’s a lot! But we at Nyla make it easy. Our seasoned developers have series of cookbooks for each phase of the lifecycle to make it all smooth, clear, and easily repeatable. Below are a few areas where we really shine.

We have developers at all elements of the stack: building Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Front-End, Back-End, Containerization, CI/CD pipelines, Compliance as Code, nightly integrations ad builds, big data architectures and their associated sql and no sql distributed data stores, even low-level embedded type C/C++ code. If it is software, Nyla is there.

At Nyla, we are obsessed with solving a mission need and getting it all working  -  fast, accurately, and securely. 

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) is super cool, but we know that real data science is about putting it all together – the data, the (really cool) tech, and the people. The outcome – answers to today’s critical questions with speed and accuracy. We work closely with mission partners to ensure that the results are transparent and approved by the mission teams.

Data Engineering
Customer Engagement

Building US government solutions requires implementing compliance, authorizations, auditability, and built-in security.  We are experienced in a variety of data science architectures and tools. Nyla is a core team member of  Advana, the DoD AI system of the future.



Our Approach

We work closely with the cyber analysts to reduce the attack surface, defend our assets, and clearly prioritize next steps. We build to the NIST and CISA  Zero-Trust Architecture standards.

Our Philosophy

Cybersecurity is a team effort and our tech solutions must work in an integrated and distributed enterprise architecture. Orchestration and Knowledge sharing are core activities.

Building the Offensive and Defensive Systems

Nyla’s focus is building the tech – both the cybersecurity systems themselves and  ensuring  security is baked into the mission-critical services. Below are three main areas where we can help your team.

Micro-service and Automated Architectures focused on metadata, malware, and content

Cyber strategy – cryptographic modernization, mission assurance, and defending critical infrastrutures

Automating Cyber Network Operations (CNO) for ISR, Instrumenting Defense Critical Networks, and Knowledge Management/Sharing

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We are your Big Data Experts

Nyla’s engineers understand data flow, data enrichment, data transparency, and also the legal compliance needed to build high-tech, modern solutions for the U.S Government.

Technical Leadership

It can't be done alone. Nyla's technical leaders have the depth and breadth across technologies, processes, and best practices required for pulling it all together to build an integrated, performant enterprise system.



The United States Government, at the Federal level, uses special programs to help small businesses win at least at twenty three (23) percent of all federal contracting dollars each year. Nyla has an active certification in three of them. 8(a), WOSB, and HUBZone.



The EDWOSB program helps small businesses at least 51% owned by one or more women considered economically disadvantaged.

Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)

Nyla is a part of the Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) federal contract program, which is designed to provide greater access to federal contracting opportunities. Specific contracts are set aside for certified companies which allows contractors to achieve their goal of 5% of their federal contracting funds..

8(a) Business Development Program

This Small Business Association (SBA) program helps small business owners grow their companies by making them eligible for federal contract award set-asides, lower bid competition, and access to their Mentor-Protégé Program.
With two prime vehicles, you've got great options!

With access to 8(a) Stars III or IT-Schedule 70, you will find it easy to get your technical objectives on contract and underway with Nyla. Fast, easy, and with no protests, you can have it all! And mission will love you for it!

8(a) Stars III

8(a) STARS III GWAC is a small business set-aside contract that provides flexible access to customized IT solutions. It includes capabilities for emerging technologies and features limited protestability – up to $10M.

IT-Schedule 70

Also known as the Information Technology category of the MAS (GSA Schedule) Program, this contract is a popular procurement vehicle for federal agencies.  Buyers love that IT Schedule 70 saves time and money.

Past Performance
A lot of our work is classified or under an NDA, so we can't publicly share the details of our past performance. Below are some high-level examples of where we shine.

Cyber Analytics

Netflow data, cyber attack signatures, integration into the architecture, and legal compliance – Team Nyla helps the good guys win.


Capabilities need to be deployed in a distributed, cloud-based architecture.  We understand containerization, auto testing and auto deployments.

AI Platforms

With experience at the JAIC and the Advada platform, Nyla understands the variety of AI platforms that the US DoD needs to maintain Intel dominance.

Reverse Engineering

Great CNO requires an understanding of OS-level apps. Our team works at the C/C++ level to reverse engineer the malware and stop it.


A lot of manual, rote work that is done today can be automated so that things only humans can do will be done by humans. Let the robots do the drudgery.

Mission Effectiveness

All the great tech doesn’t matter if it isn’t used in operations. We are obsessed with mission outcomes. We make sure that what get built is what the user finds useful.

Data Engineering

Data flow, enrichment, scale, distribution –  handling huge amounts of data with accuracy and transparency is an engineering art. We’ve got you.

Business Intelligence

Recruiting challenges? Contracts awarded? ROI? Nyla has poured through it all and made clear answers to your business groups.


Nyla’s core customers are the United States Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense. We also have a small customer base in the civilian sector.

Our Capability Statement
Our Capability Statement has all the details. Our core services, differentiators, certifications, contract vehicles, and contact information are all laid out in one easy-to-read PDF.
Our primary NAICS code is 541511 - Computer Systems Design and Related Services and we can work at the Top Secret Level.

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