Cyber Privacy

By: April Falcon Doss

Nyla has selected Cyber Privacy by April Doss as its Fall Book Club pick. Who has your data? Why should you care? And most importantly, what can you do about it? In this book, Doss sets out to answer these questions, demystify the way we leave digital footprints in our daily lives, and reveals how that data is being used by the private sector, the government, and even our employers and schools.

April Falcon Doss spent over a decade at the National Security Agency where she held a number of positions. Since then, she has served as Senior Minority Counsel for the Russia Investigation in the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. She spent several years leading the cybersecurity and privacy practice of a major U.S. law firm, and is currently the Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute of Technology Law and Policy. She teaches Internet Law and Information Privacy at the University of Maryland law school and is a regular commentator on issues relating to national security, cybersecurity, and data privacy.