Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Intelligence Community (IC)

Dr Arnaldo (Arnie) Horta is Nyla’s Director of Artificial Intelligence for the Intelligence Community. He has more than 27 years of experience delivering both technical solutions and thought leadership. He has worked directly with the Intelligence Community, acted as an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lead at Booz Allen Hamilton, and worked as a Senior Applied Scientist at Amazon Web Services. He has demonstrated expertise in Graph Analytics, Natural Languages Processing, Computer Vision, and generalized Machine Learning applications and has published work and conference presentations in these areas. He worked as the Technical Director for a number of organizations, and has led efforts to upskill new data scientists in Machine Learning technologies. This reflects his passion to train the next generation of Machine Learning experts to bring the power of this technology to our clients. 

Dr. Horta has a Bachelor of Science, Masters of Science, and PhD in Mathematics from the University of Miami.