Season 1: Hello, World! • January 12, 2021

Arthur Schwartz: Childhood, Education, and Parenting

Shana Cosgrove talks to her dad, Arthur Schwartz, about his childhood, education, and his parenting philosophies for raising three daughters.

Outspoken with Shana Cosgrove Season 1 Episode 7

In this episode of The Outspoken Podcast, host Shana Cosgrove talks to her dad, Arthur Schwartz. Arthur, who is turning 80 years old this year, talks about his childhood and education as well as his parenting philosophies for raising three daughters. Listen to what skills he felt were important for his daughters to learn growing up.


  • “Now I think growing up, one of your major strengths as a father was that you always taught us how to do it ourselves, which was super annoying.” -Shana Cosgrove [37:17]
  • “I just felt that you needed to be responsible for yourself and your actions and your possessions, and that the way you’re going to learn to do it is do it.” -Arthur Schwartz [37:58]
  • “I wanted you to do what you were best qualified for and what made you happy.” -Arthur Schwartz [59:03]


  • [00:04] Intro
  • [01:40] Meet Arthur Schwartz
  • [04:53] Why did he decide to work at Nyla
  • [05:59] His dream job growing up
  • [07:04] The whole truth
  • [07:52] Why he studied mechanical engineering
  • [08:07] His family background
  • [16:22] Growing up Jewish
  • [18:48] Why he didn’t pursue being a doctor
  • [20:55] How he met Shana’s mom
  • [25:52] A Jewish and Catholic wedding
  • [31:16] Moving to Chicago and then Pittsburg
  • [36:08] Raising three daughters
  • [37:18] His major strengths as a father
  • [47:15] Treating his daughters as equals
  • [50:55] Buying a computer and a piano
  • [56:33] Finish what you’ll start
  • [58:52] “Do what makes you happy”
  • [01:00:10] Supporting Shana’s company
  • [01:01:07] What’s in the future for Arthur
  • [01:02:57] Something about Arthur that might surprise others
  • [01:05:04] Advice for his daughters now
  • [01:06:21] Coming together after Shana’s mom passed away
  • [01:11:42] Outro



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