Season 3: I’m Speaking  •  November 16, 2021


I’m Speaking: Colleen McKenna, CEO and Founder of Intero Advisory, leader in LinkedIn branding, sales and recruiting enablement, and author of It’s Business, Not Social ™

I’m Speaking: Colleen McKenna, CEO and Founder of Intero Advisory, Leader in LinkedIn Branding, Sales and Recruiting Enablement, and Author of It’s Business, Not Social

In this episode of The Outspoken Podcast, host Shana Cosgrove talks to Colleen McKenna, CEO and Founder of Intero Advisory, LinkedIn Trainer, Author of It’s Business, Not Social™, and Leader in LinkedIn Branding, Sales and Recruiting Enablement. Colleen gives her insight and professional tips on marketing yourself and your business on LinkedIn. She goes into what it is like working alongside her family, what her business work environment is like, and the way she looks at the future. Colleen also shares the catalysts of her starting her book and what that experience has been like for her. Lastly, we get to hear books that have impacted Colleen and her fun fact about Oprah Winfrey!


  • “Most CEOs don’t love social media. But, they will be open-minded to a business tool that will help them increase productivity and sales, find talent, help their salespeople connect with the right people, and share their content and build their brand.” – Colleen McKenna [18:10]
  • “I’m pretty driven once I say I’m going to work on something and I like creating things…I always say I’m like the baker…So, I’m usually the person that puts it in the oven, pulls it out, puts it on the table, then other people on the team finish it up and make it beautiful. – Colleen McKenna [30:28]
  • “I think everyone should take a look at their [LinkedIn] profile and really make sure that their profile is built out as a marketing tool.” – Colleen McKenna [37:31]
  • “Always add value to a conversation. I think that’s my 2021 motto. Are you adding value to the conversation?” – Colleen McKenna [42:27]


  • [00:04] Intro
  • [01:44] Meet Colleen McKenna
  • [03:55] Starting a Business
  • [06:46] HubSpot
  • [07:48] Business Establishment
  • [10:00] Remote Work and COVID-19’s Effect
  • [11:05] Look-Back of the Year
  • [13:08] LinkedIn as a Business Search Engine
  • [14:37] Growing as a Business
  • [18:36] Delegation and Building a Team
  • [21:32] Pricing Services
  • [22:33] Joyful Moments
  • [25:23] Digital Communication and Relationships
  • [27:01It’s Business, Not Social™
  • [31:18] Colleen’s Children
  • [33:41] Technology and Being a Futurist
  • [34:29] Colleen’s Husband and Work Environment
  • [37:27] Colleen’s Tips for LinkedIn
  • [42:57] Treating LinkedIn Like Facebook?
  • [45:20] Cons of LinkedIn
  • [48:12] Connecting With New People
  • [49:48] LinkedIn Networking and Features
  • [52:07] Creating Content on LinkedIn
  • [54:58] Data and ROI
  • [58:09] LinkedIn in the Hype Cycle
  • [01:00:25] Colleen’s Impactful Reads
  • [01:02:06] Colleen’s Fun Fact
  • [01:04:06] Outro



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