Season 2: At The Table • June 8, 2021

Fred Fauth, Vice President at Nexxis Solutions

Shana Cosgrove talks to Fred Fauth, Vice President at Nexxis Solutions, about his current professional role and his current and past companies.

Outspoken With Shana Cosgrove Season 2 Episode 11

In this episode of The Outspoken Podcast, host Shana Cosgrove talks to Fred Fauth, Vice President at Nexxis Solutions, about his current professional role and the varying architecture for his current and past companies. We get to hear about his side businesses including renting out properties, One Project Closer, and the benefits and experiences he has gained from them. Fred also speaks on growing up, college,  and how it all led him to a life around computer science.


  • “If an employee feels like, ‘I go into work everyday and I make a meaningful contribution to the world, to this customer space,’ and the customer comes out and says, ‘I love the people, I love the engineering, I love the results I get from this small business,’ that’s a match that is really unparalleled.” – Fred Fauth [14:56]
  • “Our thought process around this is, if you do what’s right for your customers and your employees, and that relationship is killing it, and you’re being really thoughtful about the fiscal aspects of the business so that you’re making good decisions, that should leave a lot left over to make a big difference in the local community.” – Fred Fauth [16:13]
  • Word of mouth is one thing – ‘yeah you should come in and meet this person.’ But it’s really great if it’s ‘You should come in and meet this person, and by the way go check out the website and you’ll see everything you need to know about working for this place.’ It’s all about multiple brand impressions and building relationships with folks through multiple venues.” – Fred Fauth [27:29]


  • [00:04] Intro
  • [01:32] Meet Fred Fauth
  • [01:56] Capture and Meeting Shana
  • [06:05] Role at Nexxis Solutions
  • [07:52] Small Companies
  • [10:44] Hiring Expert Support
  • [13:06] Architecture for Praxis vs. Nexxis
  • [16:59] Shana and Fred’s First Lunch
  • [20:09] Technical Architecture
  • [23:43] Working from Home
  • [25:31] Nyla Technology Solutions
  • [26:06] Website Development
  • [28:43] Growing Up
  • [34:34] College
  • [36:09] Booz Allen
  • [37:59] Fred’s Wife and Children
  • [41:23] Side Businesses
  • [49:13] Being Busy in a Relationship
  • [50:35] Wrap-Up Questions
  • [53:21] Outro



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