Season 1: Hello, World! • November 11, 2020

Delali Dzirasa, CEO of Fearless

Delali Dzirasa talks about his career in the tech industry, creating Fearless, and his other endeavors such as Hack Baltimore and Hutch.

Outspoken with Shana Cosgrove Season 1 Episode 1
In this episode of The Outspoken Podcast, host Shana Cosgrove talks to Delali Dzirasa, CEO of Fearless. Delali talks about his career in the tech industry and creating Fearless and his other endeavors such as Hack Baltimore and Hutch. Listen to how he describes how Fearless’s goal to create software with soul is not just a tagline.


  • “It always starts with why. Like why are we here? And why are we doing what it is that we say we’re doing? It has to come from a very genuine place.” -Delali Dzirasa [05:30]
  • “Just that little comment had me reframe my thinking. I’m like I’ll make everyone remember me, right? It kind of freed me up to just be me and to be unique and knowing that that was a strength, not a weakness.” -Delali Dzirasa [34:34]
  • “But what we are learning is this is much more than an event. It is a movement that we’re trying to build here within Baltimore city.” -Delali Dzirasa [55:35]


  • [00:35] Intro
  • [01:30] Meet Delali Dzirasa
  • [03:24] His favorite part of being CEO of Fearless
  • [05:16] Four things behind the Purple Sauce
  • [10:06] The story behind the Fearless name
  • [12:20] Least favorite thing about his job
  • [14:40] Delali’s family life
  • [17:40] Attending college
  • [21:31] Work after college
  • [25:39] Starting Fearless
  • [31:38] His biggest professional success and failure
  • [38:47] His superpower and weakness
  • [40:47] What he wish he did differently
  • [42:54] The progression of Fearless
  • [45:33] Other organizations and events
  • [56:53] Testifying to the Senate
  • [01:00:30] Hutch
  • [01:04:23] Delali’s advice for young people today
  • [01:07:04] Outro



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