Season 3: I’m Speaking • October 5, 2021

Economic Mobility, Innovation, and Women of Color in Tech.

Shana Cosgrove talks to Kendra Parlock, Executive Director at NPower Maryland in this episode of the Outspoken podcast.

Kendra Parlock

In this episode of The Outspoken Podcast, host Shana Cosgrove talks to Kendra Parlock, Executive Director at NPower Maryland. Kendra talks about her early love of science and what growing up was like with both her parents being in the Marines. She also goes into the heart of NPower and the importance of bringing more women and women of color into the tech industry. Kendra discusses what it was like working in the mayor’s office and how her organization and detail orientation has allowed her to be successful in her career.


  • “That’s how innovation happens. It’s not mysterious and magical. It’s committing to and identifying a problem, asking the right questions, collecting the right data, coming up with ideas, trying them out, collecting that information. That’s when the innovation happens.”– Kendra Parlock [15:55]
  • “There was a lot to manage and that’s where my value came in. Like okay, I can make sense of this, and I kept all of that organized.”– Kendra Parlock [21:23]
  • “People are drawn to people who present themselves well. And so, I was able to meet more people, collaborate more, make more connections because, you know, I looked the part.”– Kendra Parlock [46:34]


  • [00:04] Intro
  • [03:20] Meet Kendra Parlock
  • [05:45] Schooling and Love of Science
  • [07:03] Kendra’s Parents
  • [07:45] College and Six Sigma Training
  • [10:43] DuPont and TiO2
  • [15:07] Organization, Detail Orientation, and Innovation
  • [19:35] Starting at W. R. Grace & Co.
  • [22:55] Executive MBA at Michigan State University
  • [25:54] W. R. Grace & Co. to Mayor’s Office
  • [29:32] Office Architecture, Community Data, and Working for the Mayor
  • [34:20] NPower and Women in Tech
  • [44:33] Kendra’s Style in Life and Business
  • [46:48] Kendra’s Husband
  • [50:02] Wrap-Up Questions
  • [55:27] Outro



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