Season 3: I’m Speaking • November 9, 2021


Host Shana Cosgrove talks to Rebecca and Keith Scott from TallSmall Productions, LLC in this episode of Outspoken.

Rebecca and Keith Scott on the Outspoken podcast

In this episode of The Outspoken Podcast, host Shana Cosgrove talks to Rebecca and Keith Scott from TallSmall Productions, LLC. We get to hear all about how they started and what it’s like being partners in both life and business. Communication experts, the pair provide several great tips and tricks on public speaking – omitting filler words, using anchor words, listening, having fun, and presenting yourself with open body language. Keith and Rebecca also explain how looking at the world as a stage doesn’t have to cancel out the fun or genuineness of conversation. Finally, the two share many of their experiences working with clients and how observation of others can help you be a better speaker!


  • “We help people communicate better. We strip away all the junk. We’re almost home organizers, but we do that for your brain and your presence.” – Rebecca Scott [04:23]
  • “There’s nothing better than the feeling of watching somebody think they can’t do something, and then seeing that light come on in them [when they] realize they can.” “Plus, everyone can do public speaking, but the problem is… something happened between third and fifth grade that shot them down, created judgement, and they lost the ability to do it… So, it’s taking people back to a time before they had judgement, before they felt shot down by society.” – Rebecca and Keith Scott [08:03]
  • “But, the fact is, watching people’s body language tells you more than anything else. Because typically their bodies change before the words vocalize. You’ll notice a change in their bodies, and then you’ll hear words. And then you’ve got to figure out, do the words and the body language, do they match? Or are they polar opposites? And that’s where you figure out [if] people are being real or not.” – Keith Scott [25:29]
  • “For you to make connections, you have to be open. When we close our body, we don’t make a lot of connections. When we’re open, and we’re relaxed, that’s where we invite people in.” – Keith Scott [28:16]


  • [00:04] Intro
  • [01:53] Meet Rebecca and Keith Scott
  • [03:34] LinkedIn
  • [04:23] What The Scotts do at TallSmall
  • [07:37] Public Speaking
  • [09:17] Working with Teams
  • [12:04] Filler Words
  • [14:32] Speaking Speed
  • [15:29] Letting Others Be Heard
  • [18:14] Anchor Words
  • [24:23] Body Language
  • [29:45] Self-Care and Self-Talk
  • [34:08] Narrowing Yourself or Business
  • [36:39] Have Fun!
  • [38:23] Starting TallSmall
  • [40:20] Rebecca Growing Up
  • [41:00] Keith Growing Up
  • [41:25] Making Public Speaking a Living
  • [42:15] Marriage
  • [46:16] Working with a Partner
  • [48:23] Sharing the Stage
  • [51:08] Communicating Virtually
  • [52:29] Learning by Observing the World
  • [54:24] Advice for Younger Selves
  • [57:29] Wrap-Up Questions
  • [01:01:40] Outro



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