Are You a HUBZone Resident? If So, Nyla Wants You!


You might be asking yourself, “Uh, how do I know if I am a HUBZone resident? And also, what exactly is a HUBZone?”

The Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone) Empowerment Contracting Program is a program designed to stimulate economic development and create jobs in urban and rural communities. Some of these areas qualify because 50 percent or more of the households in that area have an income which is less than 60 percent of the area’s median gross income in a given year. Another way to qualify is if the area has a poverty rate of at least 25 percent. The HUBZone Program provides federal contracting opportunities to small businesses located in, and hiring employees from HUBzones. The underlying purpose of the program is to revitalize those areas and increase employment opportunities for its residents. 

A Map of HUBZone locations may be found here. Simply click on the map, type in your address, and it will let you know if you live in a HUBZone.  

Nyla Needs HubZone Employees!

Headquartered in Baltimore City, Maryland, Nyla Technology Solutions is a software engineering data science and cybersecurity services firm. Nyla is proud to have maintained a HUBZone certification since the company’s inception. 

We are always looking for exceptional professionals to join our team—especially if they reside in a HUBZone! Since most of our work is high tech, we are always looking to hire software engineers, data scientists, electrical engineers, and system administrators. 

Nyla also is looking for talent to support our business operations. We have roles available that include marketing, administrative support, corporate philanthropy, business development, and proposal management. Many of these positions are available as part-time (10 hours per week) with the potential to become full-time or near full-time in the future. Further, many of our business-related positions can allow for work-from-home opportunities as well.

Say, “Hello!” at or visit our Jobs Page on LinkedIn to see what opportunities are available at Nyla today!