Season 6: Can You Hear Me Now • August 29, 2023

Burnout, Impostor Syndrome, and Seeking Help.

Shana Cosgrove talks to Kathleen Fanone, psychotherapist and co-founder of the Baltimore Center for Psychotherapy.

In this episode of The Outspoken Podcast, host Shana Cosgrove talks to Kathleen Fanone, psychotherapist and co-founder of the Baltimore Center for Psychotherapy. Kathleen tells Shana about building her career through a Master’s in Social Work program at Smith College, doing further training at Walter Reed and Johns Hopkins before founding a group practice with a business partner. Shana and Kathleen talk about what’s really behind burnout and discuss ways for thinking through impostor syndrome. Kathleen reminds us that every important relationship involves hard work, and she and Shana discuss the continuing need to destigmatize mental health care. Kathleen celebrates gentle, loving curiosity in the work of therapy. And she says that sometimes—even in a therapy session—it just makes sense to drop an F-bomb. 


  • “One of the things that I explore first is what are all of the aspects of someone’s life that’s actually contributing to the burnout. While work may be at the forefront […] what are all of the things in someone’s life that are tugging on them?  – Kathleen Fanone [17:15]
  • “If part of what happens is your perfectionism elicits shame, which is super common […] chances are you would shift into another job, demand 110% from yourself, and find yourself right back in the same position.” – Kathleen Fanone [23:37]
  • “Where along the way did they get the message that they’re not enough?….You have this really confident part that you can step into when you have your work hat on, that you project confidence and expertise […] And then when you get home you’re not always in that part.” – Kathleen Fanone [31:20]
  • “It is hard to take a step back and to step out and think, ‘This is not the sum of all of my parts’ […] Is there something that I need to be accountable for in this, and what of this belongs to the other person?” – Kathleen Fanone [37:58]


  • [00:04] Intro
  • [01:34] Meet Kathleen Fanone
  • [03:23] Unpacking the Labels: Psychotherapists and Psychotherapy
  • [05:51] Helping with Trauma: Knowing When to Push on the Gas and When to Hit the Brakes
  • [09:49] Relating to That Wish to Be Done
  • [12:45] Everyone Can Benefit from Working with a Therapist
  • [17:45] Identifying What’s Behind Burnout: What Is On Your Plate?
  • [20:18] Is There a Magic Wand for Burnout? Internal and External Factors
  • [22:39] When Perfectionism is the Problem
  • [29:05] Thinking Through the “isms,” Getting Past Impostor Syndrome
  • [36:36] Seeing What Belongs to You—and What Does Not
  • [42:55] Success in (and out of) Relationships and Partnerships
  • [48:07] On Leaving the DMV for Smith College, Walter Reed, and Johns Hopkins
  • [57:08] Destigmatizing the Ask for Help
  • [59:10] Outro



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