Season 6 : Can You Hear Me Now • May 2, 2023

Mentorship, Trailblazing, and Financial Confidence

In this episode of The Outspoken Podcast, host Shana Cosgrove talks to Meena Nankani, Vice President at J.P. Morgan Private Bank.

In this episode of The Outspoken Podcast, host Shana Cosgrove talks to Meena Nankani, Vice President at J.P. Morgan Private Bank. Meena shares how her mother’s experience with money after her father’s death inspired her to enter the banking space and help clients feel secure in their finances. As a black woman in finance, Meena discusses the challenges and rewards of navigating the industry and serving as a role model. She details the various offerings of JPMorgan Chase & Co, emphasizing that money shouldn’t be intimidating and that facing it head-on makes it more manageable. From individual assistance to comprehensive wealth management solutions, Meena explains how J.P. Morgan supports its clients. Lastly, she offers advice to young professionals, talks about building her network, and reveals her shared love for Formula 1 with her daughter.


  • “My father passed away when he was 63. And when my mom had to deal with finances for the first time, she was very uncomfortable with all of the decisions. […] She was very nervous throughout the experience, and I think that almost solidified the work that I do now, because I wanted to make sure that you feel comfortable. [12:29]
  • “What we like to say is that there’s a place for everyone within J.P. Morgan Chase […] From if you walk into a branch and you want to open a personal or business account; or if you are at a point of inflection; or if you just want to have day-to-day banking or day-to-day business and you want to work with an individual. At any level and at any type, there’s always the right fit, so we just want to help where we can.” – Meena Nankani [44:06]
  • “I like a challenge. And I, sort of like this idea of, let’s get messy, let’s figure it out. […] It’s not gonna be pretty at the outset, but you learn from everything along the way, right? And so if you’re scared of it and you sort of shy away from it, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.” – Meena Nankani [47:13]


  • [00:04] Intro
  • [01:34] Meet Meena Nankani
  • [06:37] The Emotional Component of Money
  • [18:06] Becoming a Banker
  • [28:43] Meena’s Time as an Analyst
  • [37:27] Shifting from a Hedge Fund to Private Banking
  • [42:29] Chase Wealth Management Compared to J.P. Morgan Private Bank
  • [46:37] Getting Educated About Wealth Management
  • [49:10] Meena’s Experience as a Black Woman in Banking
  • [54:59] Book Recommendations
  • [56:55] Meena’s Advice to Her Younger Self
  • [59:04] Meena and her Daughter’s Love for Formula 1
  • [60:33] Outro




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