Season 4: For the Back of the Room • July 19, 2022


Shana talk to Amit Singh, Chief Architect for the Intel Sector of BlueHalo.

In this episode of The Outspoken Podcast, host Shana Cosgrove talks to Amit Singh, Chief Architect for the Intel Sector of BlueHalo. Amit explains how he ended up studying electrical engineering at the University of Virginia. He also discusses the recent sale of Asymmetrik to Blue Halo, revealing why giving equity to his employees felt natural and how the sale affected him emotionally. Pranks and humor are how Amit keeps things light in the business world, and we hear how they not only helped him survive college but found their way into software on April Fools’ Day. Lastly, Amit argues for the importance of executive coaches, lists impactful books, and divulges his collegiate athletic achievement.


  • “I like to start things, I don’t necessarily have to finish them. I think of myself as a zero to one kind of guy” – Amit Singh [16:50]
  • “I’ve tried to reduce the barriers or eliminate the barriers between the engineers and the end user. Because [there’s] all kinds of ways to separate the engineers from the mission, and I feel like it’s very important to remove those obstacles to be successful.” – Amit Singh [34:56]
  • “As a subcontractor, you have the luxury of saying no. As a prime, you don’t have that luxury anymore, so you’re going to have to say yes to some things that you may not have done before. But that’s where partnerships and relationships with other companies can help fill those gaps.” – Amit Singh [45:53]


  • [00:04] Intro
  • [01:31] Meet Amit Singh
  • [05:20] Amit’s Role Today
  • [06:40] How Amit Decided on Electrical Engineering
  • [12:10] Leaving NASA and Starting Asymmetrik
  • [15:23] Working for Himself
  • [22:50] Finding a Partner
  • [25:40] Reflections on how Asymmetrik Handled Equity
  • [28:46] Amit’s Emotional Reaction to Selling
  • [29:59] Where Amit’s Confidence to Take Risks Originated
  • [35:37] Easter Eggs in Grapevine
  • [38:06] How Amit Found Balance in Responsibilities as CTO
  • [41:44] Discussing Marriage
  • [46:43] Books that have Impacted Amit
  • [48:15] The Value of Having an Executive Coach
  • [50:31] Outro



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